July brings with it hot, muggy, summer days. Rather than spend those days burning up under the sun, I decided to focus on making some improvements to 3000 Hanzi's Chinese Dictionary. I'm always thinking about ways to improve it, and this time, I made a couple of big improvements to the service:

  1. Translations for example sentences: this has been the number one feature request. But it was a nightmare to implement. I had to figure out things like how to quickly and economically translate over 700,000 sentences. After that, I needed to come up with a way to show users the translation without making the page too disorganized. I decided to try using a double pop-up: when you move your mouse over a sentence, the pinyin appears above the sentence and the translation appears beneath the sentence.

  2. Added Chinese measure word data to the dictionary results. Now 3000 Hanzi's dictionary has more measure word data than any other online dictionary (over 8,000 everyday words). And measure words are given the space and attention they deserve. Check out the definition for words like 电脑 or 人 for a sample.

  3. An English-Chinese Dictionary. Oh yeah. I added an English-Chinese dictionary to the site. Finally. Before, all those English queries were guaranteed to give a poor result. Now, most of them will Try it out and let me know what you think .

  4. Added 3000 Hanzi's dictionary bar to every dictionary page. The dictionary bar lets you quickly and easily lookup a word by hovering over it (or clicking it). I've also added it to the blog pages.

  5. Besides those major improvements, I've also done a lot of work on under-the-hood improvements to make 3000 Hanzi more flexible and faster. Hopefully page loads will start getting really fast. If a page loads too slow, let me know.

Next up: I'll be improving the English-Chinese dictionary, adding official support for a Chinese-German dictionary (HanDeDict) and a Chinese-French dictionary (CFDict), and creating a unique and useful character dictionary (字典), too.

If you haven't checked out 3000 Hanzi's Chinese Dictionary, then I suggest you give it a chance. If you have an suggestions or comments, please contact me