It's been a few weeks since the last update, but it feels like a lot of time has passed. I've been working on creating a dictionary editing platform to help the writing and editing process go smoother. The editing platform has to have a lot of features: it needs to be easy to use, it needs to keep a history of changes (in case mistakes are made), and it needs to be able to help do some of the tasks that make creating a dictionary annoying (like adding pinyin). Getting all the parts together has taken longer than I'd like, but once things start, it will provide many benefits.

The Editing Platform

I'm happy to say that the editing platform is mostly finished. I expect it to be ready early next month (Chinese New Year always wrecks my schedule). If anyone is interested in playing around with the editor or if you want to assist in creating some help documents, please let me know. I'd love the assistance. You can get to it by clicking on the "Edit Dictionary" link on this page. Here are some thing to think about when trying out the editor: Is it easy to Are the instructions under the help section clear? Does the navigation make sense? Does the word editing make sense?

First Project

I've also been thinking about what should be the first sub-project of the dictionary. There are two routes that we can take: extremely broad, or extremely narrow. A broad approach would have a project like creating a lot of short simple entries (approximately 200-300K entries). A narrow approach would focus on a creating a small number of high quality entries. I'd like to hear your opinions on which approach you'd prefer in the comments section.

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