Many Chinese learners face a big problem when trying to read Chinese, they don't know where to look for interesting stuff to read. That's why I'll try to suggest some Chinese news articles every 2-weeks or so. Hope you like them.

Here are four articles you might enjoy reading.

  1. Angry Birds + NASA = Angry Birds in Space (source)
  2. New iPad Christened the $500 Skillet (source)
  3. James Cameron Successfully Dives to the Bottom of Mariana Trench (source)
  4. Angry Man on Gas Prices: I'm not allowed to curse? I got nothing to say. (source)

You can also view any of these articles with 3000 Hanzi's Chinese Reader, which provides a built in dictionary, vocab lists, annotation and more features. If you're learning to read Chinese, I definitely can't recommend it enough.

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