Many Chinese learners face a big problem when trying to read Chinese, they don't know where to look for interesting stuff to read. That's why I'll try to suggest some Chinese news articles every 2-weeks or so. Hope you like them.

Here are five articles you might enjoy reading.

  1. 89-year old man spends 25 years to create his own Pharaoh's coffin... hopes to become mummified (source)
  2. Sanlitun McDonalds shut down under suspicious circumstances (source)
  3. China joins the world in adding a leap second (source)
  4. 4-Legged God of Death: the cat that predicted 50 deaths (source)
  5. Banana-peeling popsicle now on sale in China. (source)

You can also view any of these articles with 3000 Hanzi's Chinese Reader, which provides a built in dictionary, vocab lists, annotation and more features. If you're learning to read Chinese, I definitely can't recommend it enough.

Please let me know what you think: are these articles interesting? Too hard? Let me know in the comments