Introducing 3000 Hanzi's Chinese Reader, a tool for learning Chinese.

Learning to read Chinese is hard. Reading Chinese can be extremely intimidating. When you look at a Chinese book or newspaper, it's filled with block after block of hundreds or even thousands of Chinese characters (hanzi)--it looks and feels way more complex than English's 26 letters. And it is more complex.

Why did I create Reader?

Reader is an innovative Chinese Reader that cleanly integrates study lists, and SRS-based quizzes to help make studying and reading Chinese simpler. I believe that people learning to read Chinese should spend their time actually reading Chinese. Between all the switching between dictionaries and flashcard programs, reading Chinese often takes way too long. Some people even get to the point where they spend more time preparing to study, rather than actually studying. Reader changes that.

As someone who has studied Chinese for many years, I found my level dropping, mostly because I wasn't doing enough reading. There are lots of excuses why this happened, but the main reason boils down to this: studying Chinese online felt like a task. For me, at least, Reader has changed that.

What is Reader?

Reader makes reading Chinese a whole lot nicer.

It lets you turn any Chinese webpage or text into your very own Chinese lesson. Ever wanted to know what words you needed to know before reading something in Chinese? Reader generates vocabulary terms for the articles you read. And you can easily look up a word with a click.

(See Reader in action on youTube or youku)

My study routine has changed dramatically. I'm able to study more words and read more articles. Gone are the days of looking up words online (or in a book), copying the characters, the pinyin, and the definition, and pasting them into your flashcard program. Reader's built in vocab list builder makes adding words for later study really easy.

And 3000 Hanzi's Chinese reader is full of other features to make reading Chinese easier: one-button traditional/simplified script conversion, adjustable font sizes, the ability to add spaces, and full-text pinyin annotation.

You can try the out the Chinese reader for free by following the link and clicking the "Try it out" button.

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