People start learning Chinese with the best intentions, big hopes, and a certain amount of trepidation. Chinese isn't easy. Over the years I've seen many people become fluent in Chinese, and I've seen many more fail to achieve a level that allows them to communicate effectively. The difference between those two groups isn't to do with grammar, study methods, or textbooks. The hard part of Chinese isn't figuring out what to learn or how to learn it.

The hardest part of learning Chinese

Over years of observation, I've figured out why some people succeed when learning Chinese and why some people don't. It's goals. Whether you realize it or not, everyone learning Chinese starts with a goal. A good goal is large enough to motivate and inspire you, but flexible enough to be broken down into smaller pieces.  A good goal let's you see reflect on how far you've progressed and see how far you have to go. The hardest part learning Chinese is figuring out a good goal.

3000 Hànzì

3000 Hànzì is a website dedicated to one goal: helping you learn to read the news in Chinese. It sounds outrageous, but it's not. If you're dedicated and you work hard, you will learn to read Chinese news. 3000 Hànzì is not about how many characters we'll teach you, or when your vocabulary list's next repetition is. It's about teaching you a skill.

3000 Hànzì is a work in progress. In old internet parlance, its "under construction", or "beta".

We welcome your advice, suggestions and critiques in the comments.