You want a Chinese Frequency Search Tool?

3000 Hanzi's Chinese Frequency Tool lets you search characters and words. Yes, that's right: it has Chinese frequency information for over 1 million words and around 13,000 characters. And it's all easily searchable.

Here's what the search tool looks like:

And here's a sample of word frequency results:

And a sample of character frequency results

Besides the normal frequency data, it includes data specially collected to help Chinese learners: Single-Character Word % and Multi-Character Word %. These stats help answer a question on many Chinese learners lips: can this character I just learned be used by itself? A quick look at the percentages will tell you. The only place you could get more data is on 3000 Hanzi's Chinese Character Dictionary. (Try searching for or ).

You can use the Chinese Frequency tool here.

Where does the data come from

3000 Hanzi's frequency data is based on a nearly 1 billion token corpus that has been tagged and segmented using world-class segmentation and tagging (the same segmentation tool is used for our Chinese Reader, by the way). I built this corpus based on my studies of corpus linguistics, lexicography, and Chinese and constantly review research papers in the field in order to implement the latest methods and to improve the corpus.

I used three times more data to build these frequency lists than other publicly available frequency lists. That doesn't mean 3000 Hanzi's statistics are 3-times better, but it does mean that the numbers are more likely to be representative of the Chinese language.

How do you use frequency data anyway? Using frequency to study Chinese is still pretty uncommon. It's hard to know where to start or how to go about it. So, as a special Christmas bonus, I've also filled 3000 Hanzi's Chinese Frequency page with links and analysis. I've gone through all the pages I could find related to Chinese frequency on the web and included the best resources to help you start using frequency to study Chinese. I've chosen the best information on Chinese frequency and common words you can find anywhere.

Do you use frequency lists when you study Chinese? How do you use Chinese frequency information? What do you think of 3000 Hanzi's Frequency tool? Let me know in the comments.

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