What is Chinese Reader?

If you're learning
to read Chinese,
you need
3000 Hanzi's
Chinese Reader.

What is Reader

Reader is a tool that helps you read and study Chinese. Reader was designed to solve the problems Chinese Learners face when trying to read Chinese.

Reader processes web pages or text, creating personalized lessons with vocabulary. It's integrated dictionary, vocabulary lists and flashcards make acquiring new vocabulary quick and convenient.

Benefits of Using Reader

  • Helps make Chinese text and webpages less intimidating.
  • Displays a list of terms from document.
  • Provides dictionary lookup and vocab lists.
  • Keeps track of the words you know
  • Easy intergration with 3000 Hanzi's free SRS Flashcards

A Chinese Reader is the Perfect Tool for

  • Chinese learners who want to read Chinese websites, Weibo, and text.
  • Intermediate to advanced Chinese learners who want a simple way to study.

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"3000 Hanzi is a great platform for learning to read Chinese. With a high-frequency terms, a built-in dictionary and customizable vocabulary lists, this is a great resource for the Chinese student in all of us."
-- Jacob Gill
I have reached a vocabulary level of about 1000 words, but didn't know how to progress to the level of idioms and sentences. I know your site will give me a big boost in my Chinese study.
R. W.
Using reader with Chinese webpages has made studying Chinese way easier than before.
--Kelly Y.